Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kidtoons Kimochis Giveaway!!

KIMOCHI (key-mo-chee) means "feeling" in Japanese.  
"Feelings can be messy...Kimochis can help! provide helpful information and communication tools to parents, teachers, and children to enable them to learn how to be better communicators, and to express their feelings." By using the characters kids can get in touch with their emotions in a fun and comfortable way.  Here are some fun worksheets from Kidtoons for your to use with your kids and talking about feelings.

It is important for kids to be able to express their feelings.  These toys are a fun way for the kids to do so.  Kids need to deal with all different emotions, and different situations as they grow-up.  The characters are super cute, and can really help teach communication to our children if applied correctly.

Kimochis are available in the following characters: Mini Bug, Mini Clover, Mini Bella Rose, Mini Lovey Dove, Mini Cat, Mini Cloud, and Mini Huggtopus.

I received the Mini Huggtopus with Silly the keychain, and the Huggtopus and the Ugghtopus Feeling comic book.  The story was short and cute.  Focused on hugging things out and getting rid of those "bad" feelings.  The Huggtopus is adorable and I gave it to my daughter for her birthday.  She loves it!!
One of you has a chance to win the following prize pack:

   1-6 inch Kimochis® plush with small keychain and comic book for giveaway
(which character you get will be a surprise :)

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