Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yay for family!!

Going on less than a month til the move, and I am feeling overwhelmed.  I feel like there is sooo much to do.  I decided to attempt a yard sale this weekend, and I hope it isn't all for nothing.  Thankfully, my sister and my mom are coming to help me get things organized and help me with packing.  I have 2 rooms down so I feel like I am making progress on my own, but will be so GREAT to have them here.

The girls are so excited to have their cousins coming to have fun and play while the mom's work as much as we can.  I am also excited to get my baby fix too, and love on Dayna my niece.  I love that my two sisters have babies that I can love on and be an Aunt too.  Of course I love my grown-up nieces and nephews too :)  I will try to post as often as I can.  Make sure you get final entries into the current giveaways.  Low entries and ending in the next few days.

Excited for tomorrow--going to lunch with my friend, Kim, as a last minute outing before she has her baby next week, and then partying and working all weekend with a house full of family.  YAY!!

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Fitness Mom said...

Sounds like fun plans!