Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

It is all about GREEN today!!  St Patrick's Day is FUN. 
Happy 7th Birthday to my niece Rhenley!!
I made cupcakes last night and shamrock sugar cookies.  I will be packing all day and cleaning the house.  I am getting a girl's weekend with my friend Kim. No Kids--it will be weird, but I am looking forward to a few days of alone time.  No computer, no schedule, just BEING :)

I have to Congratulate my little sister--she had her first Baby Girl on Tuesday the 15th.  Ashlynn Renea!!
I LOVE being an AUNT.

I hope everyone has a GREAT St. Patrick's Day and gets some LUCK O' The Irish.  


Krista said...

Happy Saint Patrick's to you too!

I hope you enjoy (and I am totally jealous) of your weekend away. I have never had one yet, but my kids are a little younger than yours- so some day...

Congratulations to your sister with her new daughter and to your brother and his new wife!!

Judy said...

Have a great weekend getaway!! Relax, kick back and don't worry about ANYTHING or anyone except yourself! You DESERVE it girl!!!! See you when you get back!!!