Monday, September 27, 2010

In The "Shop"

Finally, my laptop is officially in the "shop." I have a friend who has a friend who is an IT :) and she has my laptop to see if she can fix it. I am hoping it REALLY is the video card and it can be fixed and that I can save all my pictures, music etc. off my computer. I am hoping it is nothing too serious that fried my hard drive or anything. Oh Geesh!! I am not going to think about what is on there that I might lose.

I got up early today and walked my daughter to school. It was so NICE this morning!! I normally walk my daughter to school, but today just seemed "nicer" outside. I love the crisp fall mornings and the sun shining. It has been a GOOD start for the week ahead.

Getting things planned and scheduled for the "Fall Food Festival" and really looking forward to it all. STILL OPEN TO MORE SPONSORS!! Would love to showcase MORE giveaways then what I already have. I have been a little stressed since I don't have my own space and place to type everything and get everything organized, but trying not to get so overwhelmed. Be patient with me :) This is my first event and with a dead laptop it will be trial and error. Thanks to those who are participating and sending me their recipes. I WANT MORE!! Love to hear from lots of you.

Want to be sponsor, have recipes to share? E-mail me: mattles22 at yahoo dot com

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