Saturday, January 16, 2010

My husband is a student

My husband is currently a full-time student. He is currently a double-major. Astro-physics and Theoretical Mathematics. Crazy, right? Well being in school full time means:

Long days
Long nights
Missed dinners
Missed family time
Missed time together

It also means:

future stability
excelling at what he loves and enjoys
doing what is best for our family

The good out do the bad. Things get crazy not seeing him that much and always being engulfed in homework or studying, but he makes the time when he can, and I know he loves me and our girls. I know he hates to study late, but knows he has to. I want him to focus on school and not worry about us. I try REALLY hard to be the supportive student's wife. I am proud of him and his dedication to school and to do well. I am so excited for our future and the many possibilities he will have for work when he is done with school.


Shauna said...

HOW SWEET!!! You are a wonderful, supportive wife! And friend too! Love and Hugs to you :)


Oh how I remember these days so well. And now they are are our reality again with Chip back working on his Masters in Admin while teaching and coaching! But I tell myself those same things over and over again. Hang in there and good job matt!

kado! said...

I'm glad he is doing something he loves!! I hope it all pays off..and soon!!! You deserve it!!!!!

...i have never had to go thru that...thank goodness...